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Vote Sean!

Can you stand?

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This is a member's only community for those lads and lasses who choose to join the BeanieBrigade in those silly lil polls to vote for Sean Bean.

Our Goal - To prove we're just as nuts and capable of packing the theatres as any other fandom and that Sean is more than deserving of LEAD ROLES, hopefully ones where he DOES NOT DIE.

Our Plan - To consistently win polls and prove to the media that he is worth having in their magazines, websites, articles, etc. If one magazine starts showing him regularly, another will catch on, then another, and then some random studio may think that this is a guy who'll bring in a crowd! We didn't set the rules...but damnit, we're going to play by them OUR way!

We primarily play with the Hello Polls, but if you find a poll that you like and think is good, let us know! We're not afraid to branch out and besides, gives us new ways to do things. :D

Rules & Regs:
1. You WILL require referrals from either bean_daily, bean_uncensored, or a registered member for access to this community. Prospective members will be reviewed. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A REFERRAL, YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

2. If working the polls and voting stops being fun, STOP. I'm very serious about this one. No one is allowed to basketcase or stress except for me. No one will EVER ask you to do anything with which you feel uncomfortable or which stresses you. This is for FUN.

3. Please keep all images to 550 pixels wide or place behind a cut. Large picture spams, which are welcome, should be behind a cut.

Tools of the Trade

Java Timer: http://www.vickiblackwell.com/timer.html
Customizable Alarm Timer for Windows: http://www.sharewareconnection.com/1time.htm (will play mp3 for alarm)
Customizable Alarm Timer for MAC: http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/18620#descContainer_link

Due to the easy going friendship between Sean and Viggo fandoms (Beanies and Viglets), we also will vote Viggo in a number of things. :)